New! The <e-Adventure3D> project: An Authoring Environment for 3D Adventure Games in Education

    We are very pleased to announce the <e-Adventure3D> project, a new approach for the integration of videogames in education. After the success obtained with <e-Adventure> we aim to bring new modern trends in videogames to the educational field as a response to those students demanding educational games more similar to the ones they play at home. The platform is an authoring environment for the creation of 3D adventure games which can be integrated in Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), and it is focused on the authoring aspect, providing therefore an instructor-oriented game editor which allows people neither with technical background nor programming skills to create their own 3D adventure games.  After that the games can be easily delivered, deployed and executed on the machine of the students using the 3D game engine. Thus these are the main objectives of the project:

  • Allow non-technical people to produce 3D, modern-looking adventure games with an affordable cost
  • Incorporation of education-specific features to improve the learning experience
  • Ease the integration of the games in the educational system through Virtual Learning Environments

    The project is still currently in the last stages of development and testing so unfortunately it cannot be tried out yet. However, we hope both editor and game engine will be downloadable for free very soon. From this website we will be posting news about the project and future releases.


Features & Screenshots

Authoring features:

  • Place and transform any 3D element in the scene with no effort

  • Support for all common traits in adventure games
  • Easy creation of cameras and lights to improve the appeal of the games
  • Definition of different scenarios with just few clicks 



Educational features:
  • Built-in assessment mechanism
  • Support for real-time adaptive learning scenarios

Engine features:

  • Opensource
  • Written in Java
  • Powered with the Opensource 3D engine JMonkeyEngine
  • Support for high-quality graphics and 3D resources



    Here you have some videos of the platform for downloading. The first presents the platform and gives a general idea of what you can do with <e-Adventure3D>. The second video is a brief demonstration of the game editor which shows how to edit some aspects with no effort. Finally, the third video depicts how it is possible to create a whole simple 3D adventure game in less than 3 minutes using the game editor.

    Video 1: <e-Adventure3D> Trailer.

    Video 2: Game editor demo.

    Video3: How to create a 3D adventure game in 3 minutes.


<e-Adventure3D> is a <e-UCM> research project.
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